Thursday, November 15, 2012

It only takes a second

You can be sailing down a canyon road and hit that pot hole that you overlooked. On a multi-use trail, just missing that runner that turned around right in front of you. Or reaching for your cell phone as you are heading down the road or path at a fast pace.

Lastly in a group ride, trying to catch up to the group and not really paying attention to whats around you. Next thing you know, your flat on the ground and the bike is either functional or in several pieces.

We all have found ourselves in a similar situation. It's easy to overlook safe cycling skills in any of these examples. Over the years, leading off rides for RMCC, I have seen it all. Returned back to get in the vehicle, to collect a person and bike or in a few cases just the bike parts. I guess I really didn't wish to ride that day.

As we begin the season each year, it's easy to get sucked in the excitement of a group ride. Will I be able to keep up with the group? At what cost? What happens if I get dropped?

The bottom line, is that we all should take a moment and really think about where we are riding. What is the best or safest speed for that current route? Do I really know this route well enough to push my skill level to the max? WouldI I also chance to endanger another person or persons?

There will always be hazards out on the road or multi-use trails that will challenge you. As a cyclist it really is important know the rules of the road. To practice good cycling skills. That goes for riding with a group or pace line as well. Learn to ride safe and safely. Remember that if you are with a weekend club training ride or weekday evening event. You represent the club or group that you are with.

Happy Trails,

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  1. Yup. Ride safe and even more importantly ride smart. Be aware of what's around you - both in front and behind. And that doesn't mean just vehicle traffic. Your riding companions will have a more enjoyable ride if you call stuff out that you see but they can't if they're behind you. It only takes a small stick, a stone or a bottle to put a rider on the pave so be courteous to your fellow riders. They'll appreciate it and you'll be appreciated at the same time. Ride on....